Our team is being awarded every year for its dedication and the innovative strategies applied to our clients. Our team is one of the most committed and inspired teams in Greece, dedicated to grow alongside with the business of our customers.

Social Media Awards 2017
      • Category Best Social Media Strategy: ‘BSB Fashion: Open up new horizons through Social Media’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Use of Social Media for a Corporate Brand: ‘Frezyderm: Digitally Yours. Digitally Frezyderm.’: by SLEED & Concept Maniax
      • Category Best Use of Social Media for a Corporate Brand: ‘Athlenda: Access Your Basketball Opportunities’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Other Social Media Platform: ‘MSD: The first pharmaceutical company to start its Twitter account in 2017′: by SLEED

Peak Performance Marketing Awards 2017
      • Category Best SEO Campaign: ‘Spitishop – Boost your organic traffic’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Email Campaign: ‘Ebnb.gr – You’ve got an Ebnb mail’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Email Campaign: ‘Spitishop – Next to our clients’ needs with an email!’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Mobile Campaign: ‘Cosmos Sport – Mobile is the new black… and Cosmos Sport got it first’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Content Campaign: ‘Lynne: Use the offline ambassadors in an online world’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Audience Targeting Campaign: ‘Cosmos Sport – Effective audience targeting for 4 eshops’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Sales Campaign: ‘Cosmos Sport – Boost your online sales through an extended sale period’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Performance in Retail / E-Commerce: ‘Spitishop – Preparing the ground for growth!’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Performance in Retail / E-Commerce: ‘Cosmos Sport – Cosmos Sport performance strategy makes it the No1 online athletics store’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Performance in Travel & Leisure: ‘BlueCarRental.gr – From Startup to 2.500+ Converted Customers’: by SLEED
      • Category Best International Campaign: ‘BlueCarRental.gr – Starting Local.. Going Global!’: by SLEED
      • Category Best Lead Generation Campaign: ‘BSB Fashion – Open up new horizons through lead generation’: by SLEED
E-volution Awards 2017

  • Category Mobile Marketing: Cosmos Sport Mobile Advertising: We say ”Get app”!: Cosmos Sport by SLEED
  • Category After-sales Customer Service: ‘Cosmos Sport After Sales Support’: Cosmos Sport by SLEED
  • Category Social Media Strategy: ‘So many followers… One home!’:  Spitishop by SLEED
  • Category CPC Campaign: ‘Cosmos Sport online campaigns in a world full of clicking’: Cosmos Sport by SLEED
  • Category Utilizing New Tools & Methods of Online Market Research : ‘Big Data Revolution at Digital Marketing’: by SLEED
  • Category Email Marketing Campaign: ‘You’ve got an ebnb mail!’: Ebnb by SLEED
  • Category eShop Redesign: ‘This is my new home!’: Spitishop by SLEED
  • Category Strategy & Internationalization: ‘To our student with (digital) love!’: iMBA by SLEED
  • Category Brand & e-Retail Store Cooperation: ‘Cosmos Sport & Reebok: Do great things (online) together!’: Cosmos Sport by SLEED
  • Category Online Shops – Products: ‘Online softness in its finest!’: Spitishop by SLEED
  • Category Online Shops – Products: ‘Cosmos Sport: The largest sporting goods eshop in Greece’: Cosmos Sport by SLEED
  • Category Distinction in E-commerce / Online shops – Services: ‘Starting Local.. Going Global!’: Blue Car Rental by SLEED
Social Media Awards 2016
  • Category Best Use of Facebook new Formats: ‘Raise your Social Standards – Taking 100% of Facebook New Formats’: by SLEED
  • Category Automobile: ‘Yamaha Motor Greece – Ride the social media world’: by SLEED
  • Category Education: ‘MBA International – To our student with (digital) love!’: by SLEED
  • Category Best Real Time Marketing Campaign: ‘Bozikis.gr on Euro 2016 – Fashion vs Football: 1-0′: by SLEED
  • Category Best Use of Paid / Sponsored Content: ‘NEF-NEF – Linens that change your mood!!’: by SLEED
E-volution Awards 2016
  • Category CPC Campaign – CPC spending increase, the performance based approach: CosmosSport.gr by SLEED
  • Category e-Strategy – How to Acquire High Value Students through Digital Marketing:  AUEB MBA International by SLEED
  • Category Social Media Strategy – Rise through Social Media: Sneaker10.gr by SLEED
  • Category E-shops-Consumer Products – The best online sports store: CosmosSport.gr by SLEED
  • Category E-shops-Products – The No1 white linen e-shop:  Spitishop.gr by SLEED
  • Category e-Marketplace – Β2Β – The first beauty services’ search engine: Funkmartini
  • Category Joint Strategy – B2B Joint Digital Marketing: NEF-NEF
  • Distinction in e-Commerce, Category E-shops-Products – Everything for your kitchen!:  Kouzinika.com by SLEED
Social Media Awards 2015
  • Category Education: ‘MBA International – An International Perspective’ by SLEED
  • Category Best Use of Paid / Sponsored Content: ‘ Save ΠΑΝΟΥΛΗ - ΦΙΛΗΣGlass®’  by SLEED
E-volution Awards 2015
  • Category E-shops-Products: SpitiShop.gr by SLEED
  • Category E-shops-Consumer Products: CosmosSport.gr by SLEED
  • e-Strategy offline events: Έπιπλο & Σπίτι, Σύγχρονη Κατοικία
  • Dynamic New Comers-Praise: ebnb.gr
  • Developing an e-business toolbox to grow businesses: SLEED
Social Media Awards 2014
  • Category Best Social Media Strategy: Pharmasofia.gr by SLEED
  • Category Facebook: CosmosSport.gr by SLEED
  • Category Best Social Media Strategy: ALPRO by SLEED
E-volution Awards 2014
  • Category E-shops-Products: SpitiShop.gr by SLEED
  • Category E-shops-Consumer Products: CosmosSport.gr by SLEED
  • Dynamic New Comers-Praise: Pharmasofia.gr by SLEED &Conceptmaniax
Social Media Awards 2013
  • Best use of Social Media Research

About Us

Founded in 2010 and located in Athens, Greece, Sleed is one of the most promising startup companies in the field of e-Business and Digital Marketing in Greece.

Since its foundation, Sleed has been developing an innovative, detailed consulting and service delivery practice that is purposed to help our customers plan, develop and promote their online business activities, and at the same time monitor and measure their effectiveness, so they can be continuously be optimized.

Through this set of activities, Sleed has been able to be awarded and deliver a number of engagements by customers that are active in a variety of industries (e.g. telecommunications, technology vendors, motorcycle distributors, electric power providers, architects, and many more), while at the same time created strong tactical and strategic partnerships with small, medium and large media and public relations management agencies and firms. Having a strong entrepreneurial DNA, Sleed often looks to identify business and practical problems in multiple industries and tries to craft or develop solutions that can be utilized to create added value for customers, industries or individuals.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

As part of its attempt to provide top quality services, Sleed has achieved to become Google AdWords Certified. This certification proves both the expertise and commitment of our team’s members to continuous improvement in the field of search engine marketing.


Member of Greek e-commerce Association (GRECA)

Sleed was one of the first members of Greek e-commerce Association, an organization that has been created to bring together all the members of the Greek e-commerce ecosystem.


Member of Interactive Advertising Bureau Hellas

Sleed is a proud member of IAB Hellas (Interactive Advertising Bureau).


Prestashop Partner

Sleed is officially an accredited Partner​ ​of ​PrestaShop, one of the most rapidly growing and active e-commerce platforms worldwide. With more than 30 implemented projects in PrestaShop at its portfolio, and with a training of the last version of the platfrom, Sleed is officially a Web Agency Partner of PrestaShop.


Best Workplace Greece 2017

Sleed excelled in Best Workplaces as one of the best workplace businesses for 2017. The company participated in the Great Place to Work® Institute research and was awarded Best Workplace in the 20 to 49 employees.